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FAME Review: Grant Gordy - Grant Gordy
Grant Gordy - Grant Gordy

Grant Gordy

Grant Gordy

Available from Grant Gordy's web site.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

If you like the David Grisman Quintet, you'll swoon for Grant Gordy, 'cause that's where he hails from. If you dig swing liberally mixed with hot jazz, you'll dive right into Grant Gordy, 'cause that's what he does. And, hell, if you relish the Dixie Dregs, you'll love Gordy because he's that progressive. A jam lover's dream, the guitarist's first disc is something to stand with jammers like String Cheese Incident and such, though much more steeped in Django Reinhardt and trad genres before heading out for the wild blue yonder.

Gordy wields a six-string and heads up a foursome (Alex Hargreaves - fiddle, Paul Kowert - Bass, and Domoinick Leslie - mandolin) joined by Jayme Stone (banjo, co-producer) and the esteemed Dawg himself, David Grisman (mandolin). The playing, needless to say, is virtuosic to a fare-thee-well and very inventive. Cuts like Little Grapes are in a Shakti / late Mahavishnu Orchestra vein...well, had those ensembles hailed from Kentucky by way of Julliard, that is. Every track is instrumental and worthy of a chamber band hoedown conducted by Boulez, though the esteemed gent might need a good stiff drink or three to loosen up sufficiently for some of these metereoric tracks.

Think of what Gordy's doing on this debut as the 180 degree opposite of the old and much-missed Windham Hill label. Where Will Ackerman and cohorts were establishing a new baroque of gorgeous pastorality (which of course held its own surprises in speedstering: Shadowfax for instance, especially in that label's re-issuance of the astonishing Watercourse Way), Gordy is celebrating the old Paris milieu (Motif for Leif) while working in neoclassicality and highly accentuated nuances. And, man, those fingers! The cat is inhuman in various sections while other times content to swing and sway, letting the rest of the ensemble go nuts. Don't figure on accompanying a candlelight dinner with this one.

Track List:

  • Pterodactyl
  • Channel One
  • Little Grapes
  • Interlude
  • Motif for Leif
  • Mansa Sissoko
  • Blues to Dawg
  • Digging Hargreaves
  • The Desert, The Ocean
  • Goodbye to Liza Jane
  • Lauren's Waltz
  • Lila
  • Conclusion
All songs by Grant Gordy except Goodbye Liza Jane (traditional)
and The Desert, The Ocean (Gordy / Hargreaves / Kowett / Leslie).

Edited by: David N. Pyles


Copyright 2010, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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