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FAME Review: My Glorious - Home is Where the Heart Breaks
My Glorious - Home is Where the Heart Breaks

Home is Where the
Heart Breaks

My Glorious

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A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

I always look for power trios because so much is demanded that, when they deliver, you get something unique. The frontman is almost always the guitarist (keyboard power trios are exceedingly rare…and bass-grounded ensembles like Back Door just about singular) but the rhythm section has to be simultaneously strong and discretionary. My Glorious fits the formula and joins a long tradition that includes Three Man Army, Paris, Rush, Clear Blue Sky, Spontaneous Combustion, and not a hell of a lot of others, unfortunately.

Love Extenders crashes the CD into rocky life, then You Should be Dancing—trust me, it's not a disco glitter hit—strikes a stuttery dark groove not unlike Terminal Power Company blended with Dramarama, urgent and infectious, driving through walls of resistance but not morbidly (TPC was, one must admit, more than a little ominous): like ZZ Top, My Glorious resorts to a looping synth to establish the baseline before falling completely into its own. Blue Horizon ices into a balladic lament counterbalancing hope with gritty existential reality. For such a threnodically mellow song, almost a blues, it's gravid with forlorn experience and wistful expectation. The simple guitar lines underscore everything extremely well.

And that points to the success of this CD: the musical decision-making process illustrates how a threesome must weigh each and every note. Guitarist-vocalist Sami Fischer sings with a folk-based approach that leaps into rock as intensity levels twist, then cycles his instrumentality between brash thrash attacks, spacious narrative, and progressive extrapolations of thematics. Every cut holds its own energies but also leads into the next, establishing and stretching a moody canvas for the entire twelve-spot of tunes. Twins Paul (drums) and Gregor (bass) Sailer keep the understructure three-dimensional, ebony, vital, and mysterious, complements working hand in glove with Fischer, making a fully integrated machine. Groups like this are why I continue to love power trios.

Track List:

  • Love Extenders
  • You Should be Dancing
  • Blue Horizon
  • Break My Heart
  • Under the Water
  • Blind Believer
  • Horse
  • Blow Up the Sun
  • Use Me
  • Atmosphere
  • It's Love When
  • Timetraveller
All songs written by My Glorious.

Edited by: David N. Pyles


Copyright 2010, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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