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FAME Review: Doubt - Never Pet a Burning Dog
Doubt - Never Pet a Burning Dog

Never Pet a Burning Dog


Moonjune Records - MJR034

Available from Moonjune Records.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

That this trio immediately comes off in a Canterbury mode is hardly surprising: Soft Machine's Elton Dean brought the lads together and Richard Sinclair of the inimitable Caravan guests on 3 songs. Ah, but then there's Arti y Mestieri's Beppe Crovella (here) helping things out, and the ghost of Terje Rypdal lurking about (his Over Birkerot is the third track), so if you are, by those lights, expecting a fiery fusion conflagration, then grab a big ol' smokin' cigar 'cause you're 100% on the money.

All three of these gentlemen are monsters on their respective instruments (Alex Maguire—keyboards, Michel Delville—guitars, Tony Bianco—drums), but I'm really impressed with Bianco, who's an unquenchable maniac much like Billy Cobham was in the great ol' prime Mahavishnu era. Sinclair wafts angelic vocals as intro to the entire affair, and than all hell breaks loose. This is not, however, noise, not by any degree, but rather dense, thick, fur-flying psychic assault within the most pleasurable levels, albeit rife with sweat, blood, and chaos well tuned into the proceedings.

Delville plunges Rypdal's dark visions into even more ebon-layered vistas, arch and keening, while Maguire bids fair to become the new Mike Ratledge. Even more overwhelming, the entire disc was recorded live in studio. That means no overdubs or gimmickry, just pure toil and inspiration, a musical slugfest where Faust finally gets the best of Satan, and Goethe breathes a sigh of relief. No surprise, I say, that Never Pet a Burning Dog (one of the truly great album titles) is being simultaneously released with the anarchic Iron Kim Style's eponymous release (here) and on the same inspired label, MoonJune.

Track List:

  • Corale di San Luca (Alex Magurie) (3:05)
  • Laughter (Alex Maguire) (6:25)
  • Over Birkerot (Terje Rypdal) (8:53)
  • Sea (Tony Bianco) (7:57)
  • Passing Cloud (Maguire / Sinclair) (4:08)
  • Cosmic Surgery(Michel Delville) (6:45)
  • Aeon (Tony Bianco) (7:28)
  • Beppe's Shelter (Michel Delville) (8:16)

Edited by: David N. Pyles


Copyright 2010, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.
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