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Candye Kane - Superhero


Candye Kane

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A review written for the Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange
by Bob Gottlieb

Superhero is the name of Candye Kane's 2009 release and it might also be a word that could easily be applied to her. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in Feb. 2008, and through sheer orneriness, strength of character, lots of devoted friends, good medical treatment, and her just flat refusing to give up, she not only beat this exceedingly deadly cancer but also is here to tell/sing about it. This woman has been a fighter all her life, championing gay and lesbian rights, large women, the porn industry, bikers, and all manner of other outsiders of the 'norm'. This might be her strongest and cohesive disc yet. Whatever the genre of song; blues, jump blues, rockabilly, barrelhouse, punk or a blending of any or all of those, she does it with every last bit of her considerable and beautiful self. She is empowered by a strong voice which she uses to belt, growl croon and shout out her songs. This disc contains 16 song, ten of which come from her pen and they display the anarchist spirit and humor which has gained her devoted fans because she was not afraid to speak her nimble, inquiring and mind about issues that mattered to her. But that aside this woman is a singer, she takes these songs and their subject matter that sometimes deviates from the standard fodder for songs, love or lack their of, heartache, or bad times, and turns it all around so that you come away from her shows, or discs, feeling enervated and refreshed.

She is aided on this disc by guitar-slinger Laura Chavez, Paul Loranger on bass, Evan Caleb (her son) on drums, and then there are assorted guests who show their support. Such as Dave Gonzales, baritone guitar, Kid Ramos, guitar, Greg Rutledge, piano and Hammond B-3, Jonny Viau, saxophone, and Stephen Hodges on drums and percussion. This disc is a celebration of all of life in all of its wonderful and glorious shades and hues and variations. This woman can use her voice with the best. Be it her songs, or one of the two gems here by Jack Tempchin (writer of songs as Peaceful Easy Feeling and Already Gone), Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed? and Till You Go Too Far, or the Willie Dixon classic, You Need Love, just put this on and let it rock your soul and open your mind.

Track List:

  • Superhero
  • Hey! Toughen up!
  • I Put a Hex On You
  • I'm a Bad, Bad Girl
  • Ik Hou Van Je (I Love You)
  • Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?
  • Don't Cry For Me New Jersey
  • You Need Love
  • I Like 'Em Stacked Like That
  • Till You Go Too Far
  • Picture Of You
  • You Can't Stop Me From Loving You
  • I Didn't Listen To My Heart
  • Throw It In The Trash Can Love
  • I'm Gonna Be Just Fine

Edited by: David N. Pyles


Copyright 2009, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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