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Manda Mosher - Everything You Need

Everything You Need

Manda Mosher

Red Parlor Records

Available from Red Parlor Records
(April 2009)

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

A scratchy old tape recording composing the Intro belies the fully engineered recordings that follow, each one delivered in vocals as smooth and sweet as honey but with a knowing of the world…Lay Me Down being exactly what you might hope and imagine and a rocker finding some good leadwork in Ido Sasson. Monda Mosher's purry pipes are a perennially slinky seduction into her brand of lush soft rock that amps up in various songs building and layering.

There's a lot of Aimee Mann and bit of Martha Bates in her writing. In aspect, the blond-tressed singer-guitarist-songwriter looks like she could be the daughter of Lynn Carey, 70s singer and namesake of Mama Lion, a beauty who was a Neil Merryweather protege and posed for Penthouse, making a small scandal at the time. Carey was a blueser who could shout when she had a mind to, but Mosher never resorts to that, preferring the melodious, sultry, moody, and mellifluous. She was, not long ago, chosen to tributize Neil Young and Pete Townshend in respective CDs, and a Townshend cut appears here, his Blue, Red, and Grey.

Everything You Need is a breezy CD, not a burner or a depressoid set of opuses for a dark fall afternoon. The disc is more a summertime outing, driving up Pacific Coast Highway, heading for Zuma Beach and points beyond, cares well behind with prospects of life and love ahead. There's a goodly share of wistfulness to shade the collection, and any number of cuts could easily find their way onto the charts. Manda Mosher has everything going for her: the looks, the sonorities, the chart sound, and any number of winning aspects no matter how you approach her work.

Track List:

  • Intro (Mosher / LePow)
  • Lay Me Down (Mosher / LePow)
  • Keep on Turning (Mosher / Erez)
  • It Can't Be Wrong (Mosher / Hauptman)
  • Everything You Need (Manda Mosher)
  • Blue, Red, and Grey (Pete Townshend)
  • One True Love (Mosher / Jaurigi)
  • Wash It All Away (Mosher / Erez)
  • Don't You Know (Manda Mosher)
  • Not What Love is For (Mosher / Salas / Pinto)
  • Thank You (Mosher / LePow)

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2009, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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