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Zealousy - Complications



A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

Cool neologism for a name, eh? Zealousy is an L.A. band reflecting the city's chaotic dark circus nature in a sometimes vaguely early Alice Coopery vein, nobles who also sprang from the City Of The Grossly Tarnished Angels. Vocalist and keyboardist Amarie Darvai is the ensemble's center point, possessing an urgent and often pounding voice ringing with passion and daunting emphatics, somewhat like an amped-up Martha Bates. Her backing band is heavy, melodic, shadowy, and angry but a tad too amorphous, mixed to sound as though a single entity rather than separate musicians, robbing the instrumental element of contrasts. Everyone here could use more rehearsal time but I'm not sure it would serve much of an end, as Darvai's the real standout and is going to have to either re-index herself or re-invent the band to suit her theatrically fluid abilities. Otherwise, she'll have to content herself to be satisfied with the small-time notice so far accorded the band.

Track List:

  • Girl on the Edge
  • So I Am
  • Wanting
  • Distant Garden
  • Everything
  • Drop
  • She Fires the Gun
  • Paralyzed Road
  • Wrong Man
  • Chemical Imbalance
All songs written by Amarie Darvai and Christopher Cody.

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2008, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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