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The Bittersweets - Goodnight, San Francisco

Goodnight, San Francisco

The Bittersweets

Compass Records - 4486

Available from Compass Records.

A review written for the Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange
by Bob Gottlieb

Hannah Prater has a voice that can pull tears from dry eyes, cause joy to well up, and draw all kinds of emotions from folks that don't normally succumb to those feelings. Chris Meyers, guitar, keyboards, vocals, and main songwriter (he wrote nine of the ten songs, one co- written with Hannah Prater who also wrote the other song) shows a feel and touch on each of these facets that enhances the cumulative sound. That leaves the third member of this trio, Steve Bowman, the drummer; he has this uncanny way of using his drums in support of the vocals, putting in accents to highlight a shift in mood, meaning, or tone, or fills that keep the rhythm and flow of the song smooth.

They are now a trio, down from a five-piece, due not to disagreements but rather vagaries of living life and its responsibilities interfered, so the sound on this CD is augmented with a solid stable of Nashville's finest some of who are Dave Jacques on bass, Russ Pohl on pedal steel, and David Henry on cello. The Bittersweets are a formidable lineup that has intelligent songwriting that can make you think about what life has and its way of giving and taking; that there are balances that exist between the pleasures and the bittersweet moments and how they often intersect, at the seemingly unlikeliest of moments. Their move to Nashville seems like a way the group can expand it base of influences, remove restrictions, and open new vistas to explore.

Track List:

  • Wreck
  • Blue
  • Is Anyone Safe
  • Birmingham
  • 45
  • My sweet love
  • Bordertown
  • Tidal Waves
  • Lies
  • Goodnight, San Francisco
  • When the War is Over

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2008, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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