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Escape the Floodwater Jug Band - Wrong Doings and Done Wrongs

Wrong Doings and
Done Wrongs

Escape the Floodwater Jug Band

Whiskey for Breakfast Records - WFB 001

Available from Escape the Floodwater Jug Band's web site.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

I reviewed this crazy jug band's first CD last year and then personally threatened everyone on the FAME writing staff to keep away from the follow-up if one ever came out. It was mine, and Lord help the wretch who got between me and it! Well, here it is, and I'm happy as a hawg that these barnyard loons are as dedicated as they are inspiring. Still DIY and semi-lo-fi, but sonically improved over last year, everything about this release is gloriously loopy and 100% smile 'n' laugh inducing. Something happened in between, though, as Wrong Doings is twice as good as last year's Whiskey Will Fix It, and that one was great.

The level of writing, cartoony delivery, and tongue-in-cheekery is astronomical. Lay an ear to Bat Sandwich (in which the mystery recipe is given!) and let yer jowls drool as you hee-haw to the dinner table. Don't fergit the possum relish. This is the sort of jewel-like level the Bonzo Dog Band reached—who, by the way, weren't afraid of juggy jazz, as the The Intro and The Outro to The Best of the Bonzos showed—a level of sonorous satire rarely caught outside Monty Python. Their version of the standard Rag Mama is from left field, almost like Lord Buckley sat in on the arrangement, hilarious throughout.

The Floodwater crew take on a lot of the modern subjects many tend to steer clear of, like their cover of the Memphis Jug Band's Cocaine Habit Blues. More than one cut is devoted to the wild thing, the double-backed beast, in all its glorious innuendo and pointed allusions (Achin' for Some Bacon, Stealin'), but their clear raison d'etre is to have a damn good time, polish up the spit 'n' shine, and spread good times. Throw this on when you're depressed, pissed off, of just kinda non-motivated. It'll put the sparkle in your eye, the bloom back in the swamp-rose, and the fire back in yer jiggery-pokery…and who doesn't want that?

Track List:

  • Rag Mama (Blind Boy Fuller)
  • Cocaine Habit Blues (Memphis Jug Band)
  • Achin' for Some Bacon
  • Fourth Street Mess Around (Memphis Jug Band)
  • Is It Hard Being in a Jug Band?
  • Mountain Dew (traditional)
  • Stomp Rag
  • Back Porch Blues
  • Only Friend (Famous Jug Band)
  • Little Red Hen
  • Bat Sandwich
  • Stealin' (Memphis Jug Band)
  • Death of a Jug Band
All songs written by EFJB except as noted.

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2008, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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