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One World - Share My Love

Share My Love

One World

Available from iTunes.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

This is a blend of world, pop, folk, jazz, mainstream, and a whole collendar of influences catchily composed and presented with verve. Occasionally sappy, as in the title cut, the CD trots out a blend of Santana, Malo, Osibisa, a bit of America, some Nuclear Valdez, and a welter of highly melodic sources. Got A Letter is extremely infectious, a swinging number recalling Batdorf & Rodney with a bit of Steely Dan and Carlos Santana, but, because these friggin' promo copies suck so bad, I can't tell you who the musicians are beyond, if I'm getting this right, Frank Unzueta, Mitchell Chavez, Alandras Brown, and Al Salas. The cardboard sleeve is an exercise in dropped credits, the pinksheet literature is mostly doggerel, and I'm passing on the PR agency's cheapshit attitude to you, you lucky thing you.

The rhythm section here is tight, variegated, and swingin' while the vocalists are smooth and persuasive, sometimes like War, Edu Lobo, Buddy Miles, Los Lobos, or any number of similar chart ensembles. If you like Latin-inflected musics, this is pretty damn good, though it can get a little jingoistic and cliché (Orale) at times, rescued by Mitch Chavez often providing electric counterpointing in tasty guitar leads (and not enough of them for my money). Caught up in their groove, however, as in the instrumental break during Orale, the band can really cook, nor is the jazzy tang of Tina Mas Fina anything to sneeze at. All told, Share My Love" (urp!) is a slick and highly radio friendly collection of music that breaks down resistance and sets toes to tapping.

Track List:

  • Share My Love
  • Got A Letter
  • Las Calles
  • Fully Loaded Chevy
  • Orale
  • Tina Mas Fina
  • She Longed for His Love
  • Intro / Give Yourself to Me
  • Kongo
  • My Love Where Are You?
  • If you Were Mine
  • Un Hombre Esperando
  • Suthern Girl
  • Julia
(All songs written by...well, I have no idea; as I continue to point out: promos SUCK! Oh wait a minute, here it is in micro-print on the disc itself: Frank Unzueta wrote everything.)

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2008, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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