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Coco Montoya - Dirty Deal

Dirty Deal

Coco Montoya

Alligator Records 4913

Available from Alligator Records.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Bob Gottlieb

With this new disc from Alligator Records you can see how the years of Coco Montoya's paying his dues are showing magnificent results. His tone and the delicate touch with his guitar on this collection of song are displayed to superb effect. His years of playing and touring first with Albert Collins, later with John Mayhill's Bluesbreakers, and then as the band-leader, have coalesced on this Paul Barrere and Roger Cole produced disc. His guitar solos are kept tight and poignant and the rock side of his work is kept under a firm rein and doesn't get undisciplined. The Blues feel is what is concentrated upon here.

This guitar player and vocalist started out as a drummer in a number of rock bands; was originally hired by Albert Collins as a drummer; Collins liked him, kept him in the band for about 5 years and became his mentor and taught him his secrets of guitar playing. He started doubling and playing some guitar in Albert's band. This mentoring plus his time playing with the Bluesbreakers set him up to go out on his own and the years of hard touring have raised the level of his playing.

The backing band on this disc is tight and stays with Montoya, particularly on some of the slower numbers such as, How Do You Sleep At Night, and It's My Own Tears, where his feel for what not to play, as well as his touch on what he is playing, comes to the fore. This is his strongest and hottest disc yet and if he keeps on this pace he is going to be starting even more fires.

Track List:

  • Last Dirty Deal (Coco Montoya & Dave Steen, Mr. Squiggles Music, BMI, admin. by Eyeball Music/Latersville Music, ASCAP, admin. by Bug Music)
  • Three Sides To Every story (John Mooney & Gary Nicholson, Gary Nicholson Music c/o Sony ATV Tunes LLC, ASCAP/John Mooney Music, BMI)
  • Love Gotcha (Lloyd Jones, Struggletime Music, BMI, admin. by Viper Music)
  • How Do You Sleep At Night? (Mike Andersen, NCB)
  • It Takes Time (Otis Rush, Arc Music, BMI)
  • It's My Own tears (Johnny Copeland, Johnny Clyde Copeland, Inc., BMI)
  • Coin Operated Love (Coco Montoya & Dave Steen, Mr. Squiggles Music, BMI, admin. by Eyeball Music/Latersville Music, ASCAP, admin. by Bug Music)
  • Clean Slate (Dan Penn, Gary Nicholson & Carson Whitsett, Dan Penn Music, BMI/Sony/ ATV Crosskeys Publ., ASCAP/High Horse Music, BMI)
  • Put The Shoe On The Other foot (Gwen Collins & Hugh Williams, Mastercaster Music/Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Co., BMI)
  • It's All Your Fault (Lowell Fulson, Arc Music, BMI)
  • Ain't No brakeman (Fontaine Brown, Fontoones Music, BMI, admin. by Bug Music)

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2007, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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