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I Scream Records

Daniel Goddard
5 West Park, Horrabridge
Yelverton, Devon, PL 20 7TY, UK)

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

DBG is a one-man band, Daniel Goddard accompanying himself instrumentally (electric and acoustic guitars, bass, minimal percussion) and multi-vocally, with the Lakeman brothers, Sam and Sean, on piano and shaker respectively, one cut each. This homemade CD suffers from a few trivial recording errors but is otherwise a very nice collection of prettily moody country-folk-rock cuts a la CSNY and America, but also strongly in the sidepocket tradition of such derivatives as the excellent Batdorf & Rodney and the later work of peripheral mellow progrockers Rare Bird. DBG veers muscularly, if the adverb can be correctly laid to such mellifluity, into the territory of harmonically ringing guitars, which should appeal to shoegazers and fans of such past outstanding indie bands as Rain Parade.

Dreamy cuts like Goodbye indicate DBG's power and ability to trip into areas rarely touched even by good balladeers. It ends too abruptly, unfortunately, but, in the advent of its successor cut, Falling Man, echoes of Duncan Browne pop up and begin to explain that this 12-spot of songs is actually a complete menu of foundation sketches crying out for ensemble work. The lyrics are clever and insightful, provoking contemplation and wry grins. "Spinnaker" invites comparisons to the imagery of such poets as the two top Petes of progrock's wordsmithery, Hamill and Sinfield, with the musical score sounding quite Help Yourself-ish, softly dramatic.

Nor is the remembrance of Glass Harp all that far from DBG's repertoire, forming yet another reason why the guy should audition back-up. I requested this CD from the editor because its capsule overview indicated exactly what I found. The solid baseline is as said, and on the *Nash* side of CSNY, but with so much more. A tad thin, begging for flanking musicianship, it's nonetheless rich with melancholy pastoral beauty, poised in the top ranks of the most skilled independents waiting to cross the threshold to the pro's.

Track List:

  • Sandy Lawn
  • Chance
  • Goodbye
  • Falling Man
  • Spinnaker
  • The One You Lose
  • Antidote to Hope
  • Out of the Blue
  • Thirty in Camden
  • England
  • Bound
  • Loneliness
All songs written by DBG.

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2006, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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