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Jerry Riopelle - The Works 1970 to 2000

The Works
1970 to 2000

Jerry Riopelle

Little Eskimo - 2005

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A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Bob Gottlieb

This long awaited very comprehensive set of discs (4) bundles together this tremendous singer/songwriter's work so that it is available to all who no longer have a turntable that works. This is a tribute to Jerry's whole body of work, and all the songs have been remastered. What a difference as now the sound is full and complete without the sterile feeling that sometimes results. The booklet is filled with photos, both old and new, easy to follow notes on whose playing and producing, and some snippet notes from Jerry about each song (a total of 81). It is all arranged in chronological order that makes it very easy to navigate your way through the years and the growth.

Jerry is a performer who has never garnered the widespread attention that many significantly lesser talented individual have had; yet he is something who has puzzled many a listener when they first hear him. "Who is this?" "Where has he been, and how can I get it?" However if you are passing through one of the sections of the country where he is known, the fans are rabid, and travel from thousands of miles when there is a show announced on his web site. Talent and genius are sometimes over shadowed by hype and a pushy P.R. person, however in this case, he has received tremendous accolades and tribute from his peers. His music is that high energy Rock n' Roll that is in short supply. It is part Mitch Ryder and part Leon Russell but all fused together with the special sexual energy of that few performers seem to have. If you are ready to hear the soul of Van Morrison played with a more rocking shuffling style, and intelligent songs then don't let this slide by.

Track List:

Disc 1Disc 2
1. She My Woman
2. Oklahoma Double Shuffle
3. Promenade
4. 100 Proof Hi Way Romance
5. Darlin' Daughter
6. Elaine
7. Devil's Song
8. Candy Barr
9. Silver Dollar
10. Nickels And Dimes
11. Rubber Band Man
12. I'll Be Glad To Take The Blame
13. Positively Sober
14. Livin' The Life
15. Why Do I Always Leave Home?
16. Blues On My Table
17. You And I
18. Fools Together
19. Shoulder To The Wheel
20. Naomi's Song
21. Buyin' Beggin' And Stealin'
22. Doodely Doo
23. Silly Old Gigolo
24. Roll With The Feelin'
25. Let's Get Loaded Like We Used To Do
26. River On The Run
27. Take A Chance
28. Hey Old Friend
29. Walkin' On Water
30. Me And The Fox
31. Baby Rose
32. Talk To Me
33. Red Ball Texas Flyer
34. Cryin' Out Loud
35. Valentine
36. So Young
37. Fantasy
38. North Bound
39. Over And Over
40. Candy Barr
Disc 3Disc 4
41. Easy Driver
42. Real Fat
43. We Can Go The Distance
44. Little Bit At A Time
45. Bring It To Me
46. Carry Me Away
47. Lookin' For Love
48. Beat Me Baby
49. Smooth Goin' Out Of My Mind
50. Back To Back
51. Sleepwalkin'
52. Man And A Woman
53. Looney's Tune
54. Dangerous Strangers
55. Gulf Of Mexico
56. Juicy Talk
57. Take It Like A Woman
58. Can't Keep Her
59. Use My Heart
60. Don't Be Afraid Of Girls
61. Home Cookin'
62. Friday Nights
63. Tough Love
64. Crime Of Passion
65. Day After Day
66. Love Won't Let Us Down
67. Hand In Hand
68. 24 x 7 x 52
69. Real Man
70. He's In Her Blood
71. Hush Money
72. Naked
73. Follow Your Dreams
74. Kill Me
75. Hawaiian Time
76. Show Me You Know Me
77. The Air
78. AC DC
79. Laughin' Lady
80. Let's Get Loaded (alt. version)
81. Steppin' Out (live)

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2006, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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