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Judy Klass - Brooklyn Cowgirl

Brooklyn Cowgirl

Judy Klass

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A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Bob Gottlieb

This is a very strong case for the maxim of don't judge a book by its cover. On the cover there is a great slightly fuzzy picture of some brownstone buildings reminiscent of Brooklyn, with a girl in a cowboy hat and holding a guitar case (she is just slightly out of focus also) with a what I suppose is someone's idea of the classic western gaze out at that place that comes after the horizon look. Yet when the sound comes through there is some very classic sounding country swing/rock sounding songs, characterized by for the most part, some very good and clever songwriting that sound very convincing. The band is tight and plays well to her arrangements and deserves a mention whether she met them or not. There was a note that she didn't meet them or that she doesn't have a touring band yet, still the job they did here deserves that they at least get credit for the work they did. (As the previous sentence was being written there was a line in, I Do Know What I'm Gonna Do With You, that says, "Let's Jam!" as the band goes off into a great break. Perfect timing.

Her voice is strong and good and very convincing with the material she has chosen to present to us on this disc. It is definitely more a Nashville sound, and the references are more from that locale than from the land further west where the cowboys and cowgirls frolic. She has a very sharp wit and some of the songs have good insights into common problems no matter the locale, Sex With Your Ex, and He Done Her Wrong, stand out. She is someone to take note of because the songs are so good.

Track List:

  • Drunk On One Corona
  • Sex With Your Ex
  • You Didn't Think
  • Double Zero Year
  • Empty Eyes
  • If It was Me Leaving You
  • Elvis Lives
  • Falling In Love Again
  • I Do Know What I'm Gonna Do With You
  • Alternate Universe
  • He Done Her Wrong
  • You Have the Right
  • Love Substitute
  • Do You Want Me?
  • Cheap Hotel
  • Bring It On Back to You
  • Queen of Denial

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2005, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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