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David Munyon - Slim Possibilities

Slim Possibilities

David Munyon

SFR 357.6033.2

Stockfisch Records
DE - 37154 Northeim

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Moshe Benarroch

This CD was released almost ten years ago and it has been part of my collection for the last seven years. It may be harder or easier to review a recording to which you have listened countless times, depending on your view. This is the kind of CD that makes you want to explore more the richness of folk music in America. If someone as obscure as David Munyon can give hundreds of hours of listening pleasures then there must be a lot to look for in the backstreets and corners of popular music.

The best singer songwriters, and Munyon is one of them, create a personal language. They create it from their personal lives, their voices, their songwriting skills and their presence and style. Maybe few sing as well as Frank Sinatra, but the cominations of their skills make them unique. Once you have heard one of Munyon's CDs you will recognize his music.

Munyon's music is rooted in the American prairie and the spiritual-religious and the mythology of rock 'n' roll. He is a hippy, after being a hippy stopped being hip. His music is very acoustic and pleasant, and all his CDs have been melodic acoustic music, except part of the songs on Code Name: Jumper where he is more of a rocker.

Slim Possibilties is the first CD he released for the German small audiophile label, Stockfish, after 4 CDs released by another German label, Glitterhouse. It's hard to believe but there isn't even one actual U.S. release of Munyon's songs. His music has created a small and loyal fan base in Europe. These fans have been the reason he has been able to release ten CDs in the last fifteen years. Sales may not be very big but we are keeping Munyon, or at lease the record labels that believe in him, in business.

In Connecticut there's always room for openess
with a fire place and two hearts that race right on
sing the subway walls in graphic tile graffitti
it's a shame that no one takes any time
to read it
when night coms, it's me and you
and somewhat delayed deja-vu

Take the time to find Munyon CDs, and take the time to read him and listen. Sooner or later most of his recordings, including this one, will be considered classics.

Track List:

  • Mississippi Rain
  • This Man Flies To Africa - 1979
  • Severe Austerities
  • Delphia's Rhyme
  • St. Charlie's Phone Call
  • Slim Possibility
  • Iron And Wooden Road
  • N.Y.C.
  • Is It Really You
  • Somewhat Delayed Deja-Vu
  • Probably Just A Broken Heart
  • Bakersfield

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2005, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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