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David Munyon - Seven Leaves in a Blue Bowl of Water

Seven Leaves in a
Blue Bowl of Water

David Munyon

SFR 357.6033.2

DE - 37154 Northeim

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Moshe Benarroch

I first heard David Munyon in a sampler, the song was Me And This Old Suitcase, taken from his first CD, and the only one from his ten CD's to have been released in the US, Code Name: Jumper. I heard another great song in another sample "In the Other Side Of Harlem" and by that time I was taken up by his music. It took me some time to find his CD's. The CD released in the U.S. disappeared quickly and was badly distributed and hard to find. But, Glitterhouse records released it in Europe and that's where I bought it. Glitterhouse released three more CD's by Munyon.

It's been ten years since then and I noticed that Munyon visited more and more my system. Actually it has become one of those voices in Music I can hardly imagine to live without. Munyon reminds me very much of Townes Van Zandt in his integrity and his masterful way of conveying suffering and feelings into his music. He may not have the greatest voice in the world but it goes straight to the heart.

Munyon has just release two new CD's: Seven Leaves in a Blue Bowl of Water and More Songs for Planet Earth. These songs were recorded by Gunter Paul in 1996-1997 and mixed with added instruments in 2003. Mostly we hear Munyon and his guitar, with some flutes, accordion, in the back, just the right and needed chords to add ornamentation to the music. Stockfish is an audiophile record label and the sound is just as good as possible. This is one of the best acoustic recordings I have heard in my life.

Munyon sees his music and playing as a calling. I think that the most important song to this approach is a song he wrote about his grandfather Amer Stockings, who was a preacher:
"On an old country road the lord spoke to Amer
Become my preacher and I'll see to your needs
And every congregation in eastern Kansas
Has heard Amer's message and Mrs. Stockings sing"

I think that more than anything Munyon sings here about himself and the way he sees his message in music. In an interview I did with Munyon through emails ( Munyon goes lengthily about his troubles reaching an audience and living even slightly about poverty.

For the moment Munyon has become some kind of American cult hero in Germany and other parts of Europe, he is completely unknown in his own country. For me he is one of the top 10 singer-songwriters alive today in the US. If there is someone deserving your immediate attention in this field it is Munyon. I can't believe anyone who likes Americana, Folk music, or singer-songwriters in general, can be disappointed by Munyon's honest approach and wonderful music.

Munyon's music is not currently distributed in the US and can only be found as imports, it can also be ordered from Stockfish records by email. I hope an American label will change this situation very soon!

Track List:

  • Bahnhof Tanz
  • Amer Stocking
  • Men with No Friends
  • Words of Love
  • Unknown Blues
  • The O.K. Corral
  • Neat Shoes
  • Louisiana
  • Pork Chop Song
  • I Wish I Was in Ireland
  • Bastian
  • Strawberries an' Wild Honey
  • With any Luck at All

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2004, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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