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Evergreen - Common Place

Common Place


Joe Kennedy
350 Stream Rd
Ripley, ME 04930
(207) 277-3733

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Guntram Gudowius

The independent release of Evergreen's Common Place from the year 2000 showcases the talents of four veteran musicians who put together a fine collection of 17 songs with a distinct Bluegrass attitude and touches of blues, old-time and swing. Their arrangements and presentations make them sound like they all could be traditional songs without the nasal and pressed singing style of many of the early recordings. All four members of the group take up lead vocals to just about equal parts with mostly two harmony voices adding depth and balance to the banjo, guitar, harmonica, fiddle, mandolin and bass. In fast-paced songs like the opener Carolina In The Pines, You'll Find A Way or the title track they show that they master their instruments without trying to win a speed contest. In others, they create a mood that fits the story , be the theme travelling, love in all its different shades, or other of life's experiences. For instance, in Indian Summer one can sense the person in the song rocking on the porch and taking in the last warm rays of the sun before the long winter.

Chris and Steve both contributed three original songs. Among the others are confidant interpretations of a couple of well-worn chestnuts and songs picked up from friends and fellow musicians. The featured accordion in Texas Sunrise adds a bit of Tex-Mex to the discovery that the singer is very far from home.

The folks of Evergreen deliver upbeat goodtime music that stands up to other excellent groups in the "Newgrass" genre.


Chris Prickitt: banjo, fiddle on Little Black Pony, accordion on Texas Sunrise
Nellie Kennedy: bass, guitar on Caleb Meyer, Tennessee Blues and Little Black Pony
Joe Kennedy: harmonicas, bass on Caleb Meyer and Little Black Pony
Steve Chiasson: guitar, bass on Tennessee Blues, percussion on Caleb Meyer and Texas Sunrise
Guest Bill Thibodeau: mandolin

Track List:

  • Carolina In The Pines (M. Murphy)
  • Caleb Meyer (G. Welch)
  • YouŽll Find A Way (C. Prickitt)
  • Rolling By With The Time (S. Chiasson)
  • Tennessee Blues (B. Charles)
  • Indian Summer (T. DeMille/S. Huntington)
  • Common Place (C. Prickitt)
  • Roseville Fair (B. Staines)
  • Second Wind (C. Lynch/P. Brown-Hayes)
  • Little Black Pony (M. Wilborn)
  • Story Of Love (C. Hillman)
  • Texas Sunrise (S. Chiasson)
  • Maybe This Time (R. Lang)
  • Rosie Strike Back (E. Gilkyson)
  • Put The Weight On Me (J. Kelliher)
  • Border Town (S. Chiasson)
  • What I Feel (C. Prickitt)

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2003, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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