Chuck Pyle - Affected By the Moon

Affected By the Moon

Chuck Pyle

Bee'n'Flower Music
P. O. Box 871
Palmer Lake, CO 80133

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Moshe Benarroch

Chuck Pyle's music is so simple as to make a reviewer despair. The man succeeds where so many others fail, in convincing you that with three chords, simple words and the most basic melody a song can make you cry. He convinces you that he invented music last week and here for the first time you are listening to this magic thing that makes noises so pleasant.

It is so hard to define what makes Pyle so special. The easiest way would be to quote a few lyrics and just say that this is an acoustic album, full of great folk songs. However, by saying this, I feel I have said nothing of the magic this man has been able to bring to my life. All his CD's live in a place where time has not yet visited, where you can hide from the craziness of modern life, where everything makes sense at once.

He has been called a Zen cowboy and at times he may remind you of Ian Tyson, but mostly I think Affected by the Moon is linked to the slow music of the thirties. It's spring forever and no one will ever change.

The moon and its romantic meaning is spread all over Affected By The Moon, as he sings in the title song:
Far from the frantic pace
Of a life so tout de suit
This out of the way place
Carries you and me
The romantic consequences
The coming of our senses
And not a moment too soon
So very affected by the moon

In his early CD's Pyle rarely used drums or percussion, he made them with a guitar and a violin. In this CD Pyles music has extended to a 4-5 musicians band and some tracks really rock. This is soft rock, the kind you used to hear from the likes of James Taylor, Stephen Bishop or Danny O'Keefe in the 70's.

Calm, timeless music, the flow of Pyle's music will make the perfect romantic evening, or bring back to you memories of those wonderful moments when love is everything, when everything seems possible, when the sky is the limit, beyond the affected moon, beyond your dreams. Enjoy it to the last drop!

Track List

  • Affected by the Moon
  • 97 Hillside Road
  • Blue Train
  • If Not Now
  • Outlaw's Dream
  • Inside Of My Face
  • Why Pretend
  • Laurie Ann
  • Romancing The Moment
  • I Love You Back
  • Think I'll Go To Texas
  • Cowboy's Christmas Dream
  • Spank

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2002, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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