Christine Kane - RAin and MuD and WiLd and GReen

RAin and MuD and WiLd and GReen

Christine Kane

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A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
By Paula Gregorowicz

Every now and then a CD crosses your path that helps to get you out of a funk. Music that is able to rekindle that spark within you to listen to new artists and music. RAin and MuD and WiLd and GReen by Christine Kane is one of those CDs.

Kane melds the personal and profound in many of her songs in a way that layers story and emotion allowing the listener to experience her work on several levels. Before you go thinking this CD is a "very deep" listen, though, not only does Kane craft her songs in such a way as to not weigh you down, but can also get you reeling in laughter when she shows her more humorous side.

On my first listen to the CD, the anthemic Everything Green stopped me cold. It instantly became one of my favorite songs in a long time. It celebrates the earth at its purest; harkening back to a time before people started building without conscience and raping the earth in their greed.

They built a highway without much concern
And we cried for the hills and the trees that were burned
Back before hopelessness, long before greed
When everything must have been green

The song transcends this pain in an upbeat, joyful way using a driving acoustic guitar rhythm and Kane's strong vocals to escape to the open spaces, celebrate what is, and dance in the magic of nature.

There was rain
And we danced in it
There was mud
And we ran in it
It was wild
Deep inside of everything green

In songs such as The Way You Say Goodbye and Or Just Heading Home" Kane paints simple yet complex stories of relationships and circumstances in a way that the listener is drawn into a basic story line yet also invited to join in the musings of the singer as she ponders universal questions and themes. Just as there are multiple levels to our consciousness, so it is with the people Kane shares with us.

If ever the world needed a good laugh, it is now. Lucky for us, Kane gives us just that with (No Such Thing As) Girls Like That. In my book, the best humor is that which accurately captures in a fresh way some unique perspective on the insane world in which we live. Let me just say Kane hits the mark with this song that challenges the mythical image of women as often presented to us by the media. From the woman on MTV in purple plastic panties clutching her great big breasts to an explanation of how Barbie might measure up (or just sag) if she were a real live chick, there is truly no substitute to listening to this fun song, which Kane delivers superbly.

Ben Wisch and Kane produced a very clean sounding recording with just the right touches of bass, percussion, electric guitar, and other instrumentation to fill out the already rich sound of Kane's acoustic guitar. The sound comes together in a beautiful, rich way while maintaining a simplicity that makes one just want to sit down with their own guitar. Get yourself a copy, sit back and enjoy.

Track List:

  • The Way Clouds Do
  • She Don't Like Roses (Christine Kane/Tom Kimmel)
  • Everything Green
  • The Customers
  • Times Three
  • (No Such Thing As) Girls Like That
  • All the Relatives
  • The Way You Say Goodbye
  • Or Just Heading Home
  • The One Thing I Know
  • One Once More
All songs written by Christine Kane except where noted.
Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2002, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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