James King - Thirty Years of Farming

Thirty Years of Farming

James King


Rounder Records Corp.
One Camp Street
Cambridge, MA 02140

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Allen Price
(al@squirrelheads.com )

There is no one quite like James King. His booming voice creeps right inside you as he sings tales of loss and loneliness. He squeezes every drop of emotion from his soul, and pours it into each song until it is becomes a part of you. Listening to an album by James King is a free ride on an emotional roller coaster. What James Brown is to soul music, what BB King is to the blues, and what George Jones is to country, James King is to bluegrass music. When James King sings, he isn't on the bandstand telling you his tale. He's sitting across the dining room table from you.

Thirty Years of Farming is another great collection from this gifted and skillful artist. The title tune grabs you by the throat from the start, telling the tale of a family who loses the longtime family farm. King has you standing right beside them as their belongings are auctioned off and hauled away. Roy Lee is a heartfelt tribute to the late Roy Lee Centers, legendary Clinch Mountain Boy, who died tragically. And speaking of George Jones, there are a couple of tunes that came from the Possum, Flame in My Heart and Color of the Blues.

The music of James King, like the other artists listed above, transcends genre and touches all of us. It's not just bluegrass music. It is the sound of the human experience.


James King: Guitar, Vocals
Joe Clark: Bass, Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Adam Poindexter: Banjo, Harmony Vocals
Kevin Prater: Mandolin, Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Owen Saunders: Fiddle, Harmony Vocals


  • Thirty Years of Farming (Fred Eaglesmith) 4:29
  • I Don't See What I Once Saw (Tom T. & Dixie Hall) 3:56
  • Heartbreak Express (George Krise) 2:35
  • Roy Lee (Mel Besher & Billy Smith) 3:33
  • Flame in My Heart (George Jones & Bernard Spurlock) 2:39
  • Toil, Tears and Trouble (Connie Gately & John Talley) 2:39
  • Here Today and Gone Tomorrow (William Castle & Ila D. Gaskin) 4:15
  • A Faded Rose, a Broken Heart (Buddy Starcher& Clarke Van Ness) 2:37
  • Color of the Blues (George Jones & Lawton Williams) 2:55
  • Days of Grey and Black (Cullen Galyean) 2:52
  • I Overlooked an Orchid (Lyn Shirley, Carl Story, Carl Smith) 2:47
  • Whoopin' It (Adam Poindexter) 3:22
  • Play Us a Waltz (Charlie Maguire) 4:17

Edited by Roberta B. Schwartz

Copyright 2002, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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