High Range - Screaming Down The Valley

Screamin' Down The Valley

High Range

High Range
RR2 Box 727
Center Barnstead, NH 03225

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Allen Price

A few years ago (before the web), those of us living outside of the northeast would have never have had a chance to hear this band. And what a shame that would be. Blending music from the worlds of bluegrass, folk and more, High Range offers a compelling mix that is the sum of their musical backgrounds and influences.

Screaming Down the Valley is a collection of original tunes written by each of the band members. Not all bluegrass, not all folk, High Range does not seem to be too concerned about categorizing their music so much as playing it, and playing it well. Nate Edgar's upright bass dances tastefully through each piece, while Ellen Carlson's fiddle is playing sweet jazz-influenced riffs or sassy bluegrass licks. Rod Kneeland's mandolin work and harmony vocals pull the sound together. They are a unit that not only plays well, but plays well together. As fine as their voices sound, my favorite pieces on the album were instrumentals. It has a Grisman-esque feel to it, and offers Carlson and Jones a chance to show their stuff on fiddle and banjo, respectively. Kneeland's mandolin chops the beat while the other bust loose.

High Range's New Hampshire home is a long ways from my hometown. But it s a treat to get hear them through the connections of the web. Their web site offers both streaming video and MP3 samples, and they also can be found on www.mp3.com.


  • Sherry Netherland (Kneeland-Jones)
  • One More Cast (Jones)
  • 5 Days in Texas (Kneeland-Jones)
  • Waterloo (Jones)
  • In Between (Kneeland-Jones)
  • Breakfast at 3 AM (Carlson-Jones)
  • Grand Banks (Edgar-Kneeland-Jones)
  • Another Life (Jones)
  • Garbage Man (Edgar)
  • Come Lie Down (Jones)
  • 1 On 1 (Jones)
  • Let It Ring (Jones)
  • Fire In The Hole (Jones)

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Copyright 2001, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
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