The Bagboys - Just Say Moo

Just Say Moo

The Bagboys

Hairy Moon Records
PO Box 604
Medford, MA 02155

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Allen Price

Every Saturday night in Cambridge, MA, people head down to an Irish pub called the Plough & Stars, as they have been doing for the past ten years. There, they have the chance to hear and see a good-time music group called The Bagboys. The Bagboys play bluegrass, old-timey, and western swing music, with a good deal of original material.

Never having been to Cambridge, but kind of liking the music, the next best thing to being there is the latest release from The Bagboys, Just Say Moo. It is a polished, energetic mix of original and cover tunes that can best be summed up in one word--fun. The Bagboys are a six-piece band (banjo, guitar, bass, Dobro, mandolin, fiddle) with each member having adopted the same last name. Their web site offers some highly entertaining biographies of Bobby Bag, Harvey Bag, Sister Gretchen Bag, Spider Mike Bag, Otis Ray Bag and Dusty Bag.

Don t let the self-parody fool you. These folks can play. Spider Mike plays some great fiddle and is at his best on western swing tunes like the classic Deep Water. Harvey Bag cuts loose on the swing-influenced A Two Step s One Too Many For Me , a tune reminiscent of Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks. Sister Gretchen picks a mean banjo, while everyone takes his or her turn on the lead vocals. Their original material falls right into place with the other tunes they play.

Just Say Moo is a great example of the talent and skill of musicians and entertainers found in all parts of the country. The Bagboys are a good time treat to listen to. Just Say Moo is their second album, and you most likely WON'T find it at your local CD store. If you can find it (try their website), you won't be disappointed.


  • Lost & I'll Never Find the Way (Traditional)
  • What Do You Dream (H. Bag)
  • Hank's Song (B. Bag)
  • Deep Water (F. Rose)
  • Hindsight is 50/50 (O. R. Bag)
  • A Two Step's One Too Many (H. Bag)
  • Just Say Moo (Traditional)
  • I ve Got The Blues For You (B. Bag)
  • That s Right I May Be Wrong (H. Bag)
  • Unpackin' Jackson (B. Bag)
  • Wild Bill Jones (Traditional)
  • Days of August (H. Bag)

Edited by Mark O'Donnell

Copyright 2000, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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