Darrell Scott - Family Tree

Family Tree

Darrell Scott


Sugar Hill Records, Inc.
PO Box 55300
Durham, NC 27717-5300

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Allen Price (al@squirrelheads.com)

You don't even need to put Family Tree in the player to realize that Darrell Scott sees the world a little differently than most people. The cover art, a picture of little boy floating on a lake inside a guitar case offers your first clue. Inside, you will find songs so well-written, so finely-crafted it's hard to believe they came from the pen of a single person!

In all fairness, Scott collaborates with Marcus Hummon on two songs and Tim O'Brien on another. He even covers an old Steely Dan tune Any World (That I'm Welcome To). But each song has the stamp of Scott's unique storytelling style. This a collection of songs revolving around the experiences of family: coping with the loss of a parent, the rigors of relationship, the warmth of parenthood, married life, and growing up with siblings. The title tune tells the story of a boy growing up with a father whose wife left him, and the discovery of letters the father wrote to his mother, never to be read. It is a tribute from son to dad; about the transition from being a son to being the father.

Darrell Scott writes of the rigors of life common to all of us, but from his unique angle. As the title song says, "He said a good song never comes to those who chase, it comes to those who listen." Family Tree is one good listen.

Track List:

  • My Father's House (Scott) 3:18
  • Rhonda's Last Ride (Scott) 5:05
  • Lazarus Dies Again (Hummon/Scott) 5:15
  • Double-Headed Eagle (Hummon/Scott) 5:25
  • Mahala (Scott) 4:01
  • When There's No One Around/Will The Circle Be Unbroken (O'Brien/Scott) 7:46
  • She Sews The World With Love (Scott) 3:51
  • I Never Had A Sister (Scott) 4:17
  • Family Tree (Scott) 4:57
  • Any World (That I'm Welcome To) (Becker/Fagen) 4:51
  • The Hummingbird (Scott) 3:50
  • My Father's House (Reprise) (Scott) 1:13

Edited by Tammy D. Moon

Copyright 2001, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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