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A review written for The Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Moshe Benarroch

I must admit that I ordered this album by mistake; I thought I was asking for a singer/songwriter named Kelly Casey, whom I had heard in a sampler. So, it was a surprise to be enjoying this CD so much, hearing it time after time and not really knowing what really makes this a great CD, or how to describe it to you.

Casey gets into a territory that has not really been sown in the past: he is something between a singer-songwriter, a social activist, a rocker, and an Irish pub singer. If that's too much to figure out, think of Christy Moore or Christy Henessy, or even of Pierce Turner.

Neill reminded me of Pierce Turner to the point that I thought one of his songs, Double Dutch, was a cover of a Turner song. I went looking through all Turner's songs and didn't find it there. Maybe they're brothers. By this comparison I mean that Neill melts organic Irish folk music with rock and folk as if this was one kind of music and had hundred of years of tradition. It works so well you'll want to sing along, a feeling I had forgotten years ago. I found myself singing with Neill to the Ewan Macoll tune Manchester Rambler:

"I've been over Snowland, I've slept upon Crowdon
I've camped by the Waynestone as well
I've sunbathed on Kinder, been burned to a cinder
And many more things I can tell"

Neill's music is contagious, I found myself humming his melodies while taking long walks and trying to remember where the song came from. It was again and again Neill's songs, like Mayday, or Double Dutch that ran through my mind. It was as if I had been listening to these songs for twenty years. It was also like sitting around a fire a hundred years ago and watching lovely teenagers dancing and smiling.

Well, it is too often said that you can't quite write about music and describe it without listening to it. This is just the case, Casey Neill's self-titled CD is pure joy, and you just have to experience joy for yourself.

Song List:

  • Double Dutch (Casey Neill)
  • Manchester Rambler (Ewan McColl)
  • Sad Bones of Her hands (Casey Neill)
  • Mayday (Casey Neill)
  • Long March of the Exiles (Casey Neill)
  • Another Point of View (Casey Neill)
  • Whole Cloth (Casey Neill)
  • Quiet All Her Own (Casey Neill)
  • Breathe Life (Casey Neill)
  • From The Yardarms (Casey Neill)

Edited by Virginia Wagner

Copyright 1999, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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