Miracle Mile

Dana Cooper

(Compass 742442)

Compass Records
117 30th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37206
email: info@compassrecords.com

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Moshe Benarroch

While into the second song in this CD, my wife went into the room, wearing one of those strange looks that makes me wonder what am I doing in this house, and asked: "What happened to you? are you again listening to the sixties?" "Thanks," I said, "That's it, it is the sixties!" If Dana Cooper was born in 1945, he would have been putting hits into the charts between 1962 and 1967 without any problems. He sounds like the Monkees, The Tremeloes, The Byrds, and you name it, any of those groups. His words are also as catching as the ones they sung and many of them are in the vein of Power To the People. In Soul Hesitation the chorus,

Zero Time remaining
For a Soul Hesitation
is repeated again and again like a mantra trying to make you leave the room and join Greenpeace. In My Living Room is a touching song about the Beatles coming to Missouri when the narrator was a small child, too small he couldn't go see them. So, with the help of his imagination he settles for a home performance:
I sang John's part, Paul's part, George's too,
Ringo drummed us on
The Beatles played in my living room.

I guess, in this generation, we all did that and played guitar with a tennis racket.

Cooper started recording in a folk-rock band back in the seventies, and then went for a heavy rock band, DC3 (in the early eighties), and made two records with them. Following that, he went solo acoustic and made some independently released cassettes. As a solo artist Cooper has been named "Best Songwriter in Houston" and has also been nominated for the Kerrville Folk Festival's "Male Vocalist of the Year Award." This is his first Compass CD and his first nationally distributed CD. He shows he is a very good songwriter with a good voice, something between Dan Fogleberg and Jimmy Lafave, but is unique. I think that a good singer songwriter puts his songs before the performance, and this is the weakness of this CD: there are too many instruments here, way too many, and it seems they are almost hiding the song from you. It really left me with the curiosity to hear his indie tapes. I hope that Compass has plans to put them on CD.

If you like your singer songwriters full of energy and are tired of vocals and guitars, or if you want flying electric guitars, lots of drums, the sound of breaking glass, and just a few quiet songs in the middle, Miracle Mile is as good as they come, even one of the best.

The songs here were written between 1990 and 1997, so some of them are probably new versions of old songs.

Song list:

  • Standing In My Own Way
  • Soul Hesitation
  • In My Living Room
  • Miracle Mile
  • Out Of My Misery
  • Walkin' Waste Of Time
  • My Life In A Box
  • Somethin's Gotta Give
  • I Had That Comin'
  • Too Deep A Sorrow
  • Sleep Of The Innocent
playing time: 46 min.

Note: Dana Cooper is a male. I only know women by this name, so I am sharing this with you. Now, can somebody at Compass tell me why in the Cooper page in their web site there is a picture of a woman? Was I seeing my thoughts? This is not a review about websites, it is about music, but I couldn't find the lyrics, the file didn't exist, and the same goes for other pages.

Edited by: Paula Gregorowicz

Copyright 1997, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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