David Elias - Lost In The Green

Lost In The Green

David Elias


David Elias
P.O. Box 4793
Burlingame, CA 94011
email: delias@ix.netcom.com

A review written for The Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Moshe Benarroch

Lost In The Green is Elias' debut album from 1995. It's the kind of debut album which gets you excited about his next album. Despite the fact that his next album, Time Forgets, has already been released as I am writing this review and more than lives up to this artists' potential, this is still a very good debut cd. While Time Forgets is more electric and better produced than Lost In The Green. The first word that comes to mind in describing Elias' music is Honesty. Elias doesn't pretend to be anything that he isn't. His songs come straight from the heart, and are sung here with minimal instrumentation; mostly guitar, with an occasional fiddle and mandolin. He in the footsteps of Townes Van Zandt, covering two of his songs, Dollar Bill Blues and Nothin. He also reminds one of an early Dylan or John Prine. All the other songs on the album with the exception of these two were written by Elias himself.

In "Eternal Youth," Elias sings:

What may well not concern you
it may before too long
the world may overturn you
and kill you when you're strong

I hardly imagine better words to describe how the world is affecting our lives at the end of this century, while we still try to live in our own cocoons. But, there is no way to escape the problems of the world. We have to face them and not ignore them. The music has the vital energy of the sixties; a long lost energy. Vivid songs, songs that make you think put Elias near Richard Dobson, Rex Foster, Guy Clark and all the great troubadours who make our lives easier to bear.

If you like your music plain and simple, you can't go wrong by buying Times Forget" or Lost In The Green." So, don't ask ten years from now, when everyone else has discovered Elias, why you didn't read about him before, because here he is: we should all be listening to Elias.

Song List

  • Time To Sleep Corrina
  • Lost In The Green
  • Eternal Youth
  • Light As A Rall
  • Dollar Bill Blues
  • Nothin'
  • Rhythm Of Light
  • Season Of The Fall
  • May People
  • Stone House On Blueberry Hill
  • Every Hour, Every Day
  • Mainland
  • The Great Unknown

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Edited by Rona Edwards

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