Tonight I Feel Like Texas

Barbara Lamb

(SH 3860)

Sugar Hill Records
P. O. Box 4040, Duke Station
Durham, NC 27706

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Rona Edwards

Do you feel like a Texas Two-Step? How about some Bluegrass? Andrew Sisters? How about a little Celtic ditty or a Big Band standard or maybe some Ragtime? Well if you pick up Barbara Lamb's new solo album, TONIGHT I FEEL LIKE TEXAS, you're bound to find something you like because there's something for everyone and it's just plain fun! If you want something sultry and sexy, witty and wacky, foot-stomping and danceable, this is the album for you. Lamb shows off her expertise on the fiddle with such entries as the seductive "Satin Doll," offset by the Celtic-styled "Say Old Man, Can You Play the Fiddle?" She is a master on the violin and is able to switch styles with a cohesiveness seldom found in today's musicians. From traditional songs like "Bill Cheatam" and "You Done Me Wrong," to songs penned by Don Reno--"Tennessee Breakdown" and "Barefoot Nellie"--Lamb shows that her multi-faceted fiddle can be clever, erotic, romantic, humorous and playful.

Lamb, formerly of the group Ranch Romance, can play the fiddle like no other. In fact, she's given lessons to Mark O'Connor. With TONIGHT I FEEL LIKE TEXAS, she receives solid backing from a few of her friends from Ranch Romance, Jo Miller and Nancy Katz. Laura Love, Jim Prendergast, Sarah Majors, Joey The Cow Polka King, Larry Stephenson, Ranger Doug and a list of stellar musicians also help her achieve an album chock full of strong numbers.

"I'll Grab My Saddlehorn and Blow" is something that the Andrew Sisters might have sung and Lamb receives help from Jo Miller and Laura Love yodeling away in harmony on a tune written by Bob Nolan.

Her sultry instrumental version of Duke Ellington and Johnny Mercer's "Satin Doll is one of my favorite cuts on the album. Here the fiddle is sensual and even womanly, if I may. I loved it. It's definitely a high point on the album.

This is an uplifting CD with impeccable production values. Lamb produced it, backed by Jim Prendergast's engineering. There are thirteen cuts (eight instrumental) showcasing Lamb's skillful performances. Vocally, Lamb tends to sing harmony rather than lead, with the exception of "I'll Grab My Saddlehorn..." I was expecting to hear more of her vocal prowess throughout the album and was a bit disappointed not to have more of her voice. But I guess, her heart is in the fiddle and, if that's the case, TONIGHT I FEEL LIKE TEXAS is full of Barbara Lamb and her heart.

Edited by Shawn Linderman

Copyright 1997, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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