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A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
By Cynthia A. Harney

Anyone who's been anywhere near Boston in the past three years has most likely heard Jeff Cannon's warm, soothing tenor. If not at one of the numerous acoustic venues he's appeared at, then in the subways or on the streets. On TRUE, Cannon is joined by a talented assortment of performers who add delicate harmonies and well-chosen instruments (check out the heartsick strings on "Love Illusion" and the soulful harmonica on "Something New.") Even the jungle hysteria on "Tarzan & Jane" will soothe the savage beast.

In "Porcupine," an unlikely name for a love song, Cannon writes "Thank you love, for such a wild ride," for "plastic bunnies in the front yard" and "paper airplanes at the symphony." Cannon's lyrics are full of these verbal photographs: raging waters, broken compasses, the Holiday Parade. There's a piece of your life in every one of these songs.

Some of the performers on TRUE include: Greg Greenway, Barbara Kessler, Amy Malkoff, and Patty Griffin adding harmony vocals; Raymond Gonzalez, high string guitar; Alan Williams, B-3 organ and piano; and Paul Lenart, slide guitar. Co-produced by Brian Capouch, TRUE's contents include "Fist," "True," "Love Illusion," "Waiting," "Freedom for the Man," "Porcupine," "Tarzan & Jane," "Holiday Parade," "Two Cities," "Something New," and "I Am."
With gentle voice and soft heart, Cannon puts forth songs of life and love, anticipation and angst, with a tender caress for the mind and soul. From the heart of Boston to the world, Jeff Cannon springs TRUE.

[Edited by Henry Koretzky]

Copyright 1997, Three Rivers Folklife Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior written permission and attribution.

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