Where You Get Your Sugar?

Eddie Kirkland

Deluge Del D 3012

A review for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Matt Nozzolio


For hours after I took this CD out of my player, the joint was still jumping. Eddie Kirkland and his Energy Band filled the house with a deep-roots, shaking, aching brand of blues oozing with soul and funk.

Opening with Gertrude McRainey's classic "See See Rider," Eddie plants a hook that isn't released at any time throughout the album's 50 minutes and 47 seconds. Eddie and his band -- Mike Castellana, guitar; Jack Cannon, bass; and Andy Plaisted, percussion -- settle in a tight groove and hang on for the ride. They're joined by Jamo (of the Allman Brothers) on percussion, Sam Hall on sax, and Peter Re on keyboards.

One fault with this album is that there's not enough of Eddie's broken-heart slide work, which is featured on "Our Love, So Beautiful." That song also has some nice vocal interplay with Christine Ohlman.

Personal favorites on this album are the bouncy "Love Me," "What You Got On Your Mind" and "What What Your Mama Gave You," where Eddie really bends the reeds on the mouth harp. Those who like their blues on the funky side will appreciate "Sugar Mama," "Lover Bone," "We Got a Problem" and "Pity on Me."

Of course, throughout are Eddie's powerful, raw vocals that will make you so glad to be blue.

Copyright, 1996 by Three Rivers Folklife Society.
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