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We feature album reviews of new releases by folk and acoustic artists. You will find contemporary folk, Celtic, bluegrass, traditional, and a variety of ethnic styles. Artists and reviewers from around the world contribute to this unique Internet service.
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The Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange (FAME), is an ongoing project of Peterborough Folk Music Society, a tax-exempt non-profit organization under IRS section 501.c.3. FAME charges no fees and pays no salaries. All reviewers and staff are volunteers. Expenses of FAME are covered by volunteer contributions.

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There are more than 20 active reviewers from around the world contributing to FAME. The reviewers are musicians, critics, journalists, DJ's, promoters, and enthusiasts with varying tastes and backgrounds. Several reviewers have paid positions with other publications, in addition to volunteering with FAME.

Each review is carefully edited before posting.

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Participating Artists:

Artists, agents, and record companies submit a CD of each title to be reviewed. (See submission guidelines below.) We use that CD for screening and archival purposes. We screen each album and write a short description. That description is included in a listing of currently available albums. Reviewers select the albums they want review from the list of available CD's. When a reviewer requests to review a particular CD, we email the submitter with a request that a second copy of the CD be sent to the reviewer.

FAME participants include: Thr Rounder Group, Appleseed Records, Red House, Sugar Hill, Vanguard Records, and others. Dozens of independent artists also participate. We are committed to the development of the folk community.

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Submission Guidelines

When submitting recordings to FAME for review, please do not include full press kits, glossy photographs, copies of prior reviews, etc. A brief artist's bio may be included with your submission. Simply mail one copy of albums for review with a brief cover letter with your name & address, email address and web site URL, if applicable, to:

David N. Pyles
Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
82 Leadmine Road
Nelson, NH 03457 USA
Email inquiries to:

Please put sufficient postage on your submissions. Postage due submissions will be returned.

Important: This is an internet-based service. Our communication is done primarily by email. If your submission does not contain your email address, your CD will not be considered for review.

That said, due to bandwidth limitations, we do not accept submissions by download. Please submit any materials in hard copy.

Additionally, if you are submitting an advance CD, please include enough of the liner notes to reflect what will be in the final product.

Once a reviewer has picked your album for review, we will notify you by email and request that you send a second physical copy directly to the reviewer. This method of submission of the second CD saves FAME considerable postage and serves to let you know where your album stands in the review process. Please do not submit singles or two-track EPs as they are not apt to get reviewed.

The CD's reviewed by FAME are chosen by rather than assigned to the reviewers. Submission of a CD to FAME does not guarantee that it will be reviewed. Please note that if a disc is submitted directly to a reviewer, rather then to the FAME address, any review written might not be posted on this web site.

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About Our Sponsor:

Peterborough Folk Music Society also sponsors folk music events in the Monadnock Region of southern New Hampshire. For more information about the Peterborough Folk Music Society Society or its events contact:

Debbie McWethy, c/o PFMS, P. O. Box 41, Peterborough, NH 03458
(603) 827-2905 Email inquiries to:

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